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Jewelry Care

We are pleased to certify that our jewelry is real .925 Sterling Silver. All Dayna
Designs jewelry is handcrafted and polished under Fair Labor Conditions.


To keep your silver jewelry looking great, follow these tips:

1. Keep silver in a sealed bag or container when you're not wearing it. This was
the inspiration behind designing our cute screw top tin mason-jar inspired packaging.
Aside from it being absolutely adorable, it is also recyclable and is meant to be used
not just to deliver you your jewelry, but for it to also be a place you can hold your
other jewelry as well. The tight seal makes it a cute and perfect way to make sure
your Sterling Silver stays intact and shines bright, regardless of how often you wear it!    
2. Do not wear in the shower or pool. Pool water is treated with chlorine, which can
have harmful affects on Sterling Silver jewelry. For best results, you should remove
your Sterling Silver jewelry before entering any water to prevent tarnishing or
discoloration of any sort. 
3. Polish with warm water and a soft cloth. Your jewelry will thank you for it!

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