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Corporate Social Responsibility

At Dayna Designs we believe in being responsible – to our customers, to our employees, and to the environment. We incorporate social and environmental priorities and practices into our Dayna U brand, our products, and our relationships with customers, vendors, and employees. Every day we learn more and work to apply best practices to improve our company and our products. We approach these issues and challenges with a sense of serious determination – we want to make a difference in our company, our industry, and our country’s culture.


Quality Standards

As the leading brand of quality jewelry in the licensed sports market, we take a leadership role in product safety. Dayna Designs adheres to all government and industry safety standards. Our Director of Operations oversees our quality assurance program and works continuously to ensure our raw materials and finished products are safe for consumers and comply with government directives and voluntary standards.


Community Action

A growing part of our company culture is the desire to give back to the communities where we live and work. Our company has an employee volunteer program which encourages employees to spend time volunteering at local organizations of their own choosing – while on the company’s dime. Yes, that’s right, we pay our employees to volunteer.


Environmental Practices

Over the years, we have worked to reduce waste and minimize the impact of our business on the environment. Our product packaging is 100% recyclable – our earring cards, jewelry tins are all perfect for reuse or the recycle bin rather than the garbage can! In addition, our products themselves are made from real sterling silver. All of our products come from the earth and can return there safely. We also comply with local, state, and national environmental legislation and adopt responsible environmental practices within the company and among our employees.


Fair Labor Standards

Since the inception of the company, Dayna Designs has been focused on fair labor, both for our own employees and for our manufacturers and vendors. We are proud that we have been a member of the Fair Labor Association since 2005 and that we consistently participate at higher standards than required. We conduct audits of our manufacturers, both for labor standards and product quality standards, annually. We also require all of our manufacturers to abide by our Code of Conduct.


Manufacturing Partners

Dayna Designs partners with companies both inside and outside the United States to produce high quality products. We work diligently to verify that our manufacturing partners follow fair labor standards and product safety standards.