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How to be a thankful fan

NOVEMBER 14, 2019 by Dana

Whether your team is up or down, if you’re a loyal fan, you’re probably thankful. Having a team is not just about a game. If it was just about winning, it often wouldn't be much fun. 

What it's really about is meaningful moments, cheering with an old friend or bonding with a new one. It's about lifelong memories, sharing a game with your daughter or reliving a win with your son. It's about building community, gathering with thousands of perfect strangers to chant and roar (and pray!). Winning is great, but these are the moments in the life of a fan that really matter. 

If you're feeling grateful for all the richness of the fan life, there's no better time to show it than in November, as Thanksgiving approaches. For sure, it's a great feeling to show your pride with tasteful team wear (and to share the love with a gift!). If you play, wearing something fabulous that shows your inner you can certainly feel awfully good.

But, in the month of gratitude, jewelry without action is only partial fulfillment. It's not just about having a community but what you do with it. Imagine the impact if doing good was part of our team sport. If one person can make a ripple, together we can make waves. 

As we're grateful for all we have, let's all do a thing or two for others. Community centers, soup kitchens, and shelters can actually be overwhelmed with Thanksgiving Day volunteers. They need help every day. Why not make a plan to pitch in one or two other times during the coming holiday season? Even better, bring your fellow fans along and make it a team effort. You can find local volunteer opportunities that are right for you at or

And just to get you in that giving spirit, when you shop between now and Thanksgiving (Nov. 28) with coupon code GIVING19, you’ll save 10% and we’ll donate 10% of proceeds to Feeding America, a hunger relief charity.

Thank YOU for being our partner in good!