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Something to smile about. We could all use it!

Something to smile about. We could all use it!

I'll start with a confession: I'm not a doctor, and I don't sell toilet paper. I know it may seem like nothing else matters.

These days, we all are facing strains and challenges - some bigger than others. Even for those of us fortunate to be healthy, there are people we're worried about, jobs on the line, kids to school, and bills to pay. Even worse, we've been robbed of so many of our go-to escapes.

That's especially tough for our athletes and fans. What wouldn't you give to hit the court, the field, or the trail and burn off some stress right about now? Wouldn't it be nice to have a team to cheer and a season to follow - a reason to jump up and down on the couch when the world otherwise feels so heavy?

I'm writing to remind you that with all that's going on outside, you shouldn't forget to let your inner spirit shine. I know the passion among our fans could light the world. That's some light we could all use today.

So, I'm hoping to remind you of that spirit and share a little distraction with our new designs. We've had these in the works for months. It would be a shame to keep them all boxed up. New jewelry definitely won't save any lives, but we're hoping it will at least bring you some cheer. As usual, it's all about expressing that inner spirit. 

I certainly understand if you're not in the mood for shopping. But, browsing is a little treat. And sharing your favorite new designs with your friends, teammates, and fellow fans is an easy way to spread some smiles. So, check it out, enjoy, and please share with friends by email or posting on social media.

Above all, please take care and stay healthy. We will get through this. We'd love to hear from you as always.

Best wishes,


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