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It's the personal gifts that mean the most

It's the personal gifts that mean the most

When you're a jewelry designer (and fan), you collect a lot of jewelry over time. It comes in all shapes and sizes, different materials and colors, and a variety of prices. But, the pieces in my jewelry box are not all the same. I definitely love some more than others! 🥰

Which are my favorites? It's definitely not about how much they cost and sometimes not even about the style.  At the end of the day, it's the ones that were gifts - especially gifts personal to me - that have the most meaning over the years.

For my favorite pieces, I can tell you who gave them to me, when, where, and why. There's a ring from my grandmother that I cherish, and jewelry from my mom I always had my eyes on. Growing up, I would always dig through my mom's jewelry drawer and ask for just this one . . . or maybe that one. 

Or the amusing collection of blue topaz jewelry from my husband. When we started dating in 10th grade, I must have told him once that I liked the color. From then on, he saw a topaz ring or earrings as a sure bet (he might have gotten carried away). But, I can tell you which one was for my 18th birthday and which for our 4th anniversary. 

That's one reason I love designing jewelry that expresses people's passions, including for sports and teams. Of course, you want it to look amazing, and it should be made with care and social responsibility. For sure, you want to choose a gift that will last because it's made of lifetime materials.

But, above all, you also want it to mean something! When it comes from you on the holidays and expresses something she cares about, you know it will have meaning for years to come. We've got just a couple days left of shipping orders in time for December 24th. Order by Friday (and you can use coupon DD20 to save 20%, too)!

Wishing you, your family, and your loved ones a peaceful, merry, and healthy holiday season!


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